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Kriyāvān Kriyāchārya Shivrāj is born into the “Rāj~Rājendra Rājā Shitole Deshmukh” family, the prime aristocracy of Pune, which traces its descent from the Solar dynasty of Prabhu Shree Rāmachandra. Shivrāj ji is truly blessed, for by the virtue of his father Yog~Mārtand Yogirāj Siddhanāth, he was often in the presence of and received blessings from great spiritual beings such as Paramhansa Hariharānanda Giri Mahārāj, Yog~Chaitanya Gagangiri Mahārāj and Prem~Avtār Shree Shree Anandamai Mā.

At the age of 9, Shivrāj ji was empowered into Kriyā~Yog by his father, who very firmly and assertively chiselled the young Sādhak into a fine Kriyā Yogi.

Having been a practicing Kriyabaan~Sadhak for 35 years, Kriyacharya Shivraj ji takes an active part in his father's mission of propagating and spreading the message and the spiritual science of Shiv Goraksha Babaji and initiates people into the sacred science of Kriya~Yog.

Shivrāj ji is also an accomplished Hindustani classical vocalist, and disciple of the legendary Gaana~Saraswathi Vidhushi Kishori Amonkar. He gives Chakra healing sessions through the synthesis of Yog and Sangeet, represented by the medium of Prān (Kriyā breath) and Swar (musical notes).

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